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Presidential Candidate Tessa Alexander Platform Summary


What I plan to do in house:

Organizational Efficiency: ensuring job descriptions match work levels and hiring and rearranging positions appropriately.

Financial Efficiency: Analyzing money spent in the past to see if we can spend less.

Fund Reallocation: There are some projects that need to be done right now, instead of just planning for the future (see rest of platform points), and we need to find money for this. Using financial efficiency analysis, I plan on reallocating funds to some of these projects.

Referendum Process: Is inherently flawed due to the lack of students coming out to vote. Organizing another way that we can get students opinions so more come out to vote.

Special Projects:

Bigger, better gym: seeing if money can be reallocated to help out recreation services in expanding the gym.

Safe Ride Home Program: ensuring all students get home safely by funding a shuttle bus from downtown on the weekends, to designated areas around St. Catharines. Will also be discussing with the St. Catharines Transit Commission about late night bus service. Whichever is cheaper will be done.

Advocacy: Advocating for all students by asking them what they want and addressing their immediate concerns. I will do this by setting up a table in the hall where I will be for one hour every week. Free giveaways like hot chocolate will be used to show BUSU cares!

Getting Students Jobs: Making stronger connections with organizations and alumni that hire students right out of University for entry level jobs. Having these partners attend Career services job fair that is usually held in January.

Helping the Zone 2 walkers: In the coming years, parking will be expanding, whether its up or out, its expanding. This means more students. Zone 2 is already a dangerous walk in the winter time.I want to create a covered walkway above the street connecting Zone 2 and Weatherstation field, if cost effective, or have a shuttle bus.

One thing that BUSU is already doing that I feel strongly about continuing:

Fixing Schmon Tower Bus Terminal

— Submitted by Tessa Alexander