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Vice President of University Affairs Candidate Roland Erman Platform



Many first year students struggle with making the transition from high school to University, from living at home to living with a roommate in residence.

The idea is that by creating a first year orientation class (think of it like a full year Smart Start) students can continue to learn about Brock’s services, about how much in ancillary fees they pay towards BUSU/Brock TV/Other Services, about how to deal with roommate conflicts, essay writing, studying for exams, etc.

The key idea is that by second, third and forth year we will have a more educated student body within Brock University. For example, during election time an entire class could be spent on BUSU and all the candidates could come in and talk about their platforms. If voter turnout increased even slightly, this would be successful.

The most important point here is that this class wouldn’t just be used to decrease student apathy on elections and BUSU, but rather decrease student apathy on Brock services/clubs and give each student the opportunity to succeed throughout their first year.


Students face many different difficulties and often need someone to talk to. Some of this need is currently addressed through counselling services and our residences, and I believe this access should be diversified.

I envision a Brock-specific telephone helpline: a confidential phone service for Brock students run by Brock students. This service is currently available through the student unions at many Canadian universities, whose models can be followed and expanded on in order to meet and surpass their successes.

This helpline will be available during set times for students to call in order to discuss any of their concerns, which may include relationship problems, substance abuse, sexuality, suicidal thoughts, etc.


New ideas that include but are not limited to: having new instructors and teaching assistants undergo training to enhance their teaching mechanics, promotional pushes towards more active classroom learning and teaching incentives for professors to create a stronger learning environment.


By holding prominent hours in Mac Chown A Block, the Fish Bowl, etc, Advocacy should be taking down any classroom/educational/student-life issues that you are having.

Furthermore, we should then be taking these complaints and going through the proper channels to try and fix these problems.

In the past, BUSU Executives have met with each Dean from every faculty at Brock. This is a goal that I want to redevelop. By having monthly Dean meetings, I can bring issues straight to the sources and get them dealt with immediately.


Although BUSU Executives make a great deal of change year in and year out, there are specific areas within the University that are not directly touched upon.

International students, residence life and other academic departments do not always get the attention needed from BUSU. My goal would be to create an Advocacy Coordinator that is specifically tied to areas in the school that BUSU does not reach out to.

Most importantly, we need to be doing more for the International Department. Not only has BUSU limited themselves in terms of outreach to international students, they are often left in the dark during this election process.


I strongly believe that as a BUSU Executive it would be my responsibility to keep the student body as informed as possible.

I have observed that many students have concerns that could be addressed by BUSU, but do not feel sufficiently connected to voice these concerns. In order to address this, I intend to broaden the mediums BUSU uses to bring information to Brock students, and to receive their concerns.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

—Submitted by Roland Erman

Presidential Candidate Brandon Vrysen Platform

Improve Quality of Student Life

1.  Improve Public Transit (using the surplus from Universal Bus Pass fee)

2.  More food options at cheaper prices

3.  Continue to pursue a 24 hour study space

Improve Opportunities for Student Involvement

4.  Provide space for clubs

5.  Track Club involvement on experience plus

6.  Link students with “Greek Life” (Fraternities and Sororities)

7. Create a campus wide interactive calendar

Increased Communication and Accountability to Students

8.  Create BUSU mailing lists

9. Proper advertisement of Annual General Meetings

10. Create a sustainability officer to ensure that we are being as environmentally sustainable as possible, and to address the spending of the Green Levy

—Submitted by Brandon Vrysen

VPUA Candidate Saad Habib platform

The Vision

The Vice President University Affairs has traditionally managed two distinct portfolios, namely Internal and External. In recent years, we have seen an incrementally greater focus on the External aspects of the portfolio, so much so that this shift has been to the detriment of the internal components. I would like to adopt a more balanced approach: we should place an equal emphasis on the Internal and External portfolios, and I believe this can be done without jeopardizing many of the hard earned success we had on the External front.  
The vision outlines the strengths and attitude necessary to further develop the culture and opportunities that are associated within the Brock University Students’ Association.
Students First: The student body and their wellbeing should be the focus and priority of the Union.
Forward Thinking: The Union should constantly be looking to improve the future, without losing sight of the present and not forgetting the past.
The Golden hawk experience: The Union should provide opportunities for students to easily engage with its many resources and effectively develop as a student and member of the Brock Community.
Through innovation, structural improvements, and commitment to balancing internal and external affairs, we can create a more successful portfolio that will produce better outcomes for all Brock students.

The Mission

Pillar 1: Communication

  • Union Updates Initiative: Hold a monthly Union update to communicate the progress of the union as well as answer questions from students in public forum setting. This will provide an opportunity for students to see their union in action.
  • Interactive Mobile App: Develop a comprehensive mobile application. I plan on working with this initiative while including students’ feedback so that it functions as an easily accessible resource for Brock Campuses.  Some of the core aspects that will be added to the app include: building hours, services provided by The Union, service contact information, sporting events, information on mental health, maps of the campuses, food options/menus, email-directory list of your Union staff members, and academic advisors.

  • Student Engagement: This will be one of my main priorities if elected VPUA. Some of the things I will do to increase students’ interest and get them involved on campus are – weekly address to students via Brock TV, work with Brock Press to make sure the lines of communication are clear and try to encourage Brock Press to write more articles critiquing BUSU.

Pillar 2: Revamping Financial Aid

  • I want to make education affordable for student at Brock by introducing various new scholarships and bursaries that will be granted to students with vey less hassle.

  • I will be working in conjunction with OUSA and CASA to lobby the Provincial and Federal government to secure for more funding to Universities to subsidize student fees.
  • I would like to focus BUSU’S energy towards developing more BUSU scholarships and bursaries. This can be done by approaching local or global business and alumni students to donate money for scholarships.

  • I want to help students to gain recognition they deserve for the volunteer work they have done by advocating for an increase in the number of awards students are eligible for.
  • Lowering costs for Textbooks: I will work with publishers and focus my time and energy to lower the cost of textbooks as students pay too much for textbooks. I would work jointly with campus bookstore, professors, students and publishers to lower cost for textbooks on campus.

Pillar 3: Accessibility

  • I believe that we must broaden the scope of what accessibility means on our campus and how we respond to that. There should be an equal emphasis on social and financial accessibility, and I would like to influence our community around these areas.

  • Study Spaces: Utilize campus study spaces effectively and create alternative locations that can remedy the student demand. During exam time scheduling on-campus classrooms for students to use when there are n sessions taking place. Work with the findings of the Study Space Audit and take a solutions-oriented approach with the results to maximize student utilization.


There are many other issues in addition to my key platform points that I would want to work on such as:-

  • 24 Hour learning facility: There are various kinds of disturbances on student housing and some students want to study till late at night. Students are unable to find a quiet and peaceful 24 hour study facility on campus. It is cost effective but I will be definitely working on it and looking for alternatives.
  • OUSA and CASA: I will be working on building a stronger relationship with OUSA (Ontario Undergraduate Students’ Alliance) and CASA (Canadian Alliance of Students’ Association). Ever since the formation of OUSA, no BUSU VPUA has served as an OUSA president. I want to change that and make sure as one of the founding members of OUSA we show our contribution too.

  • Student Housing Affordability: Continue to advocate for changes to financing structure or Student Housing. Through conversation with students, landlords’ and Student housing services, it has become apparent that there is no clear university definition for what defines affordable housing for students. Until we are able to arrive at a mutually agreed upon definition of affordability, we will be hard pressed to make real progress on this issue.

It is not that I don’t recognize other issues that exist. I certainly am concerned about many other issues outside of my platform and I will be working on them on day to day basis.

— Submitted by Saad Habib

VPUA Candidate Olivier Kayitaba Platform


OLIVIER KAYITABA Vice President of University Affairs


1)  Save student Money

2) Stand up for your rights.

3) Advocate for student safety.


Student Housing Standards

Being a political science student who is very much interested in human rights, and a person who has seen friends live in unacceptable places for an affordable price I felt that it was important to include this great idea from Steve Nichols into my campaign, and bring it to YOUR attention.

I would like  to increase awareness amongst students about their rights as tenants off of campus. The majority of students have no prior exposure to rental properties before entering university, and this ignorance largely remains once they leave.

A number of options exist as to how best address this lack of knowledge. Before the listing and subsequent break-down of my initial ideas, however, it must be noted that in-depth research need first be completed. Specifically, this involves a review of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2007, municipal and regional housing & public health standards, a review of the OMB’s most recent decision concerning municipal housing by-laws, and also a full exploration of what the University offers in terms of its student tenant services. Conversations may need be held with local property standards commissioners and other students’ unions (ie. Laurier) who have also travelled this same road.

 Food Bank

The current food bank system is good, but I think it could be better. For example, maybe more discreet? Following the current VPUA idea,

          I  would like to see BUSU mirror the food bank system of McMaster as much as is possible. MSU has an inventory of donated goods within a series of cabinets, from which volunteers construct packages for students. Volunteers then leave the packages in discreet, pre-determined locations in partnership with the receiving students at specific times.

Teaching Quality

          Teaching quality is something that seriously affects the educational experiences of students, and an institution’s reputation. Improving the quality of teaching can involve some easy approaches, and also some serious and controversial ones. Without a doubt I expect push-back from groups, specifically CUPE and BUFA, with several of my ideas. This issue, just as the last, is all dependent upon other actors and therefore no time line can be given as to when each stage can be reached.



Late-Deferral Fee

As a student who is paying out of pocket for tuition, I was really disappointed when I walked up to the registrars feeling proud and happy to be starting university independently, than being  hit with this unpleasant “deferral fee” Following Steven Nichols footstep I felt obligated to add this to my campaign

          Ideally, I want to see the late-deferral fee abolished. I know this will not happen. As an alternative, I would like to see this fee structure changed to charge less to students later in the year, and even exempt some classifications of students.

          The LDF is charged to students who do not pay their tuition in full by a certain date. At Brock, the fee is $75.00 and is charged after August 18th. I would like to see the date pushed back to September, preferably in the middle of the month but the beginning will be acceptable, too. I would also like to see the fee reduced to a lesser amount. I have no proposals yet, though. Furthermore, OSAP students should be exempt from this fee as the University can guarantee they will receive their funds. I listed this point under this category because I know no progress is to be made at the campus level, though I will make an attempt nonetheless.


.Minors on Degrees

Following Steve Nichols footsteps, I am going to push for Brock to have Minors on their degree

The university does not print a student’s Minor on their degree. Several other universities do print them, and I want Brock to follow suit. It makes no sense that a student’s hard work is unable to be recognized in such a simple manner. Degrees are a source of pride for many students, and, just like myself, put hard work into achieving a Minor. This will have to come back to Senate because it has died at committee so many times.

-This is really important to me because I know that not everyone chooses to have a minor.

Tuition Freeze

Every year tuition rises by 5%, as a student paying out of his own pocket there’s nothing worse coming back for another year to pay apprx $300 dollar more for a degree does not increasing in value as the year progresses, not even by 5% 

The University charges you tuition, based on what the province allows.

-Government permits the University to increase by 5% year

—The province is looking to change that, OUSA is looking at a freeze.

-University needs to raise their cost every year to keep up with inflation.

-I want to facilitate talks to freeze the tuition, or to keep it at the inflation rate.

-Example: Instead of rising 5% every year, it will go up by 2% instead.

If Quebec can get a complete tuition freeze, why can’t Ontario?”


St David’s side walk

St David’s sidewalk is an issue that pertains to student safety, and I want to get this matter RESOLVED.

-         I am going to facilitate talks with City staff from Thorold and the Niagara region.

-         This is an issue that the University may not be very interested in

-         City of Thorold has already dedicated 300,000 to the Project

-         The Bridge is owned by the City

-         We need to figure out how we are going to build a side walk there.

-         I don’t have all the answers neither does the City, but I want to get people together andmake it a priority.

-         There’s constant construction happening everyday, why is student safety taken lightly?


Reductions or Elimination of excessive fees

There are some charges at school that I find to be completely ridiculous. For example: If you bring your laptop late they charge 10$/min. Student’s pay enough money to go to school, why charge them to graduate. Parking fees, and etc.

- I am going to take a look at all the ‘extra fees’ the University charges. -Example: Parking Fees, Graduations fees, library fee.

-I am going to review these fees, to see if these are actually legitimate fees.

- Example: Graduation fees- Does the University actually need to charge 35$ for a student to Graduate? Is it possible to eliminate those fees? Or diminish by at least 60%

-This is a conversation I am going to have with the Registrar’s office. I’m ready to talk to Barb Davis, and bring this issue to the table and find a solution.

-Reviewing the fees.

-I want to make the school accountable for these fees. “What is the money being used for?”


Why am I the best Candidate for the Job.

-I was born to serve, there’s nothing that satisfies more than helping others and making a difference.

-I started Brock as mature student and volunteered for Amnesty international.

-The following year I opened my own working group under OPIRG called MamaSimama.

-I worked 2 year for BUSU as a deputy returning officer.

-I am a fully BILINGUAL student who is pursuing a major in political science and a Minor in French

-I am always happy, unless if I miss breakfast.


VPSS Candidate Reet Roy Platform


Vice President Student Services

Brock University Students’ Union


“With your help and my skills, I will infuse energy in the most foundational part of student life- The Culture among Student Leaders!”

The Vice President of Student Services is a position, which I believe has tremendous influence on campus life! The VPSS Portfolio requires an ambitious and energetic person who has the skills and ambition to make the most positive impact possible. This short document is to give you an idea about some of the creative ideas of my platform that I want to emphasize.


The NEXT Student Lounge

“IMAGINE A student space on campus that you design and I build.”

What’s your vision of the NEXT student lounge at Brock? We have the space and opportunity to create a 24 hour Student lounge! I want your ideas of what a DREAM Study lounge looks like so that I can create that space for you.

A 24-Hour Student lounge expansion is long due for Brock University! As the second fastest growing university in Ontario over the last 10 years, we are now extremely behind on quality student space. Its time not only to catch up but also to create an UNREAL Dream Student lounge for Brock students. I am passionate, dedicated and believe I have to skills to accomplish this goal. Ask me for more details about the potential this idea has!


Reward Points
What do Air-miles, Shoppers Drug Mart and the Casino have in common? – They all reward their loyal customers!
IMAGINE getting rewarded the way you want for being involved, eating at Isaacs and for attending events! I want to create an extensive system at Brock that will reward students with points for everything BUSU! Brock has some amazing initiative such as the Passport Program which reward students for being involved – I believe this system has tremendous potential and can be expanded further!

There are a lot of students who are loyal and passionate about using BUSU Services and are always eating at the new Subway, Harvey’s, Fortune Cookie or buying stuff at Skybar and BUSU General Store. I believe they should be rewarded with points that they can redeem for tickets to events, food, discounts or prizes!


Parking Revolution

“The most exciting and significant changes to parking”

It’s time to make parking at Brock convenient! I have some revolutionary ideas and am passionate about thinking creatively about the Brock Parking situation.

IMAGINE that you didn’t have to park in Zone 2 after a certain time since Zone 1 is almost empty? IMAGINE that after a certain time parking became free? IMAGINE a shorter walk to your car after your dance class practice at night!

I will strive to make significant changes for drivers by working with parking services!  Many of these models are proven models at others universities and collages. I’ve done my research and want to use it now to help Brock Drivers!


Club Awareness

“Having started the Club of the Year: LIVE 4 DANCE - I believe I can make some amazing changes to improve Club Services!”

There is nothing more that I am passionate about than Clubs @ Brock University!
When I first started Brock the club system was nowhere near where it is today. The budget was small and the services were non-existent. Despite these facts - my team and I started what became the Club of the Year: LIVE 4 DANCE.

I can say with certainty that I understand the importance of clubs and the potential they have on this campus. I will be dedicated to serving and bringing the 87 clubs on campus to their maximum potential with new events, promotion and services.

Non-varsity clubs such need the help of BUSU and I will keep the momentum going that exists to bring them more services and funding! Ask me more about my ideas about clubs if this topic is of interest to you!

About Me:
My name is Reet Roy, and I am a 4th year BBA (Business Administration) student. This is my last year in Brock and I believe it would be the perfect time to share how Brock helped me to achieve my goals in life. I moved to Canada four years ago from India, having one dream in my mind: to be a successful entrepreneur.I was highly involved with clubs in my first year which gave me the motivation to start a new club at Brock to promote leadership amongst students.
Enalyn Destacamento and I started Live4dance Brock. We started this club to showcase the hidden talents of Brock students through hip hop choreographies, and to provide students with leadership opportunities. Students are able to learn or teach a new choreography every class to increase exposure and knowledge of different dance styles. It also helps them in acquiring leadership skills by teaching. We have professional videographers and video editors who post HD class videos on YouTube, so students can reflect on their performance and expand the Hip Hop community. We have over 1 million channel views and over a thousand subscribers in both channels combined. We have over 175 members in Live4dance Brock, the largest Hip Hop community present at Brock. We were rewarded with the CLUB OF THE YEAR award for 2011-12 season for our efforts in getting students involved and also helping clubs out in their respective events.
In my 3rd year, I remember Sohail Ahmed, owner of Momo Cars saying, “I mixed my passion for cars and business together”, which inspired me to create a business in the dance field that I had a strong and dedicated passion for. Later that year, I started Rhythm2dance, a choreography based service company with my business partner, Musa. The initial goal was to reach out to all the Elementary and High school dancers in the Niagara Falls and St. Catharines community. The movement blew off in the Niagara Region and we were recognized by the Mayor of St. Catharines and Niagara Falls for our contribution towards the community. Our movement was also a featured story in the St. Catharines Standard, the local newspaper. I was nominated by the St. Catharines Enterprise for the YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR award. Since last year, I have taught 68 workshops in Niagara Falls, Dunnville, Caledonia, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Mississauga and St. Catharines. All this would not have been possible if I did not come to Brock University and met all these amazing individuals who inspire me every day to be a better leader. It has been a humbling experience at Brock and I enjoyed every single bit of it.

Submitted by Reet Roy

Presidential Candidate Cooper Millard Platform Summary




Thank you for taking the time to check out my platform! My name is Cooper Millard and I want to be your BUSU President! Below is a list of my “14 Presidential Platform Promises” that I wish to work towards in 2013/ 2014 as your Brock University Students’ Union President. This blog post is meant to be concise and to the point to give you a quick snapshot of what I wish to accomplish this year! For any other questions please visit my website at www.coopermillard.ca, follow the campaign on twitter at @coopmillard or better yet, come visit us in the hallways!


General Platform themes include:


- Offering more hybrid space (student study space, 24-hour space and hopefully increased hours of operation within various departments)

 - Striving to secure a downtown presence for BUSU to support all of the students moving down there for the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts and other buildings in the future

- Continuing R&D for the future BUSU Building to be built on Weatherstation Field by asking students, faculty and staff around Brock University what they’d like to see in a new building

- Provide Continuity as a returning BUSU Executive for Executives and BUSU by continuing to develop relationships and partnerships around the University to provide the best student experience possible




1.      Continue to develop a downtown St. Catharines Brock/ BUSU Presence


2.      Create more student study space across campus


3.      Create more Student jobs


4.      Research and continue planning for new ‘Students Building’


5.      Transform Schmon Tower transit station/ transit offerings


6.      Work with University to cover walkways or build bus stops to make campus safer


7.      BUSU helps to celebrate Brock University’s 50th anniversary


8.      Recycle more, buy water bottles less – install more water fountains and eliminate sale of water bottles in Union Station


9.      Help to bring in Varsity Turf Field(s)


10.  Provide continuity for new BUSU Executive Team as a returning Executive


11.  Partnership with University Administration and external organizations (OUSA/ CASA/ COCA)


12.  Partnership with Faculty (BUFA especially regarding teaching standards and Service Learning offerings)


13.  Partnership with various Departments at Brock University (supporting the Arts, Athletics, Rec. Services and any other departments that helps todefineand improve the student experience)



14.  Strengthen political accountability, efficiency and representation of students by BUSU


Thank you for taking the time to see what I have to offer! As your current VPSS, I applaud you for reading up on your BUSU Elections candidates before voting. We need more engaged students like you! PLEASE come see us in the hallways so we can further explain our platforms to you.

AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE (Feb. 12-14 through your Brock University webmail)


Stay classy,




— Submitted by Cooper Millard

VPFA candidate Christopher Yendt platform summary


Hello Badgers,

My entire platform is built around a year-long process where I engaged with students and received much needed feedback on how to improve the services that are under the Vice President, Finance and Administration’s portfolio. This feedback from the student body has allowed me to create what I believe to be the best possible platform for a VPFA candidate:



·         Shift the West Brock and Tupper Extra to come on the :15 and :45 instead of the :00 and :30

   a few students have suggested we bring them in on the :00, the :15, the :30, and the :45 – this is definitely something that I will look into making a reality if I get elected in!

·         Extend the Pen-Oakdale and Confederation past 6pm and have the Confederation come much more regularly

·         Have the 123 and 124 routes operate full day and evening



·         They want to bring in a 24 hour study space in Plaza, but what’s the point if campus isn’t accessible to all students 24 hours a day?

·         Bring in an overnight busing service between 12am and 6am, and allow students to park on campus for 24 hours a day with their parking passes



·         You already pay for it, why not bring it on campus so you can actually use it?

·         Get rid of the pay parking spaces at the base of the tower so we can fit more bus routes

·         Not only does this allow for Regional Transit to come on campus, but more of the local buses as well!



·         Take the surplus revenue from Union Station and turn it into a series of student administered scholarships

·         FOR students, BY students, TO students!



·         BUSU is a multi-million dollar organization funded by student money – shouldn’t you know how and where it’s being spent?

·         Every month hold a public forum where I will record a financial address informing students of the financial operations of BUSU – and allow students to engage in the discussion at the forum, or online

·         Posted throughout social media/YouTube/BUSU website/BrockTV website so any and all students can access it



·         No one likes standing in mud – let’s make it better for students who wait for their buses outside

·         Let’s clean up the base of the tower to make it presentable – it’s the face of the University, shouldn’t it look like it?

·         This can include benches and shelters where the bus stops are



·         Don’t you think you should be able to vote on the money you pay?

·         We want to give students the option to vote through referendum on fee’s that are tacked onto their credits


As I have worked tirelessly to engage with students and build a platform based on their suggestions, I want to keep this engagement open.


I am always open to suggestions and criticisms from the student body, so feel free to speak to me or any one my campaign team about any concerns you may have!


This is a student platform, and it should be open to student suggestions!

Furthermore, everything proposed in this platform can be funded with current surpluses, and won’t cost students a penny more than they are already paying!

On February 12th-14th, vote for experiYENDTce, vote Chris Yendt to be your next Vice President, Finance and Administration and together #yendtwecan!

Submitted by Christopher Yendt.

Vice President of Finance & Administration Jasper Wong Platform Summary


Bettering the Student Experience

  1. Bus shelters
  • Bus shelters will be placed along the side of the U that is currently exposed

  1. Transit (West Brock later at night and on weekends, Thorold on weekends)-Ask Students where to spend
  2. Gazebo for the smokers (helps the smokers stay out of the elements, and prevents onlookers from inhaling smoke)
  3. Keep Isaac’s open as a study space after Union Station closes
  4. Napping/ quiet area – stress relief
  5. Give an area for arts students to show off their work (Isaac’s stage, lounge area, art outside the office)
  6. Promotion of Career Services programs
  7. Chiropractor giving student discounts

Helping Relieve the Financial Stress of School

  1. Bursaries
  2. Textbook rentals
  3. Get a sponsor for the food bank
  4. More health plan opt out promotion

Increasing Organizational Efficiency

  1. Fix wobbly tables in Union Station
  2. Prep kitchen in tandoori fury space
  3. Beer cans instead of bottles on Thursday nights (less mess, and people can avoid getting cut with broken glass)
  4. Increase partnerships with the university (SLIC, career services, smart start, etc.)
  5. More financial transparency to students (use of social media in addition to website postings, and having a table in the halls.)

Great Suggestions

  1. Relieving exam stress (3 exams within 2 days is too much) – lobby Registrar’s office for postponed exams
  2. More textbooks on reserve in library
  3. Linking international students with housing accommodations
  4. Bettering the internet at Brock
  5. More outlets to plug in to
  6. Bring back flat rates for taxis

Submitted by Jasper Wong.

Presidential Candidate Tessa Alexander Platform Summary


What I plan to do in house:

Organizational Efficiency: ensuring job descriptions match work levels and hiring and rearranging positions appropriately.

Financial Efficiency: Analyzing money spent in the past to see if we can spend less.

Fund Reallocation: There are some projects that need to be done right now, instead of just planning for the future (see rest of platform points), and we need to find money for this. Using financial efficiency analysis, I plan on reallocating funds to some of these projects.

Referendum Process: Is inherently flawed due to the lack of students coming out to vote. Organizing another way that we can get students opinions so more come out to vote.

Special Projects:

Bigger, better gym: seeing if money can be reallocated to help out recreation services in expanding the gym.

Safe Ride Home Program: ensuring all students get home safely by funding a shuttle bus from downtown on the weekends, to designated areas around St. Catharines. Will also be discussing with the St. Catharines Transit Commission about late night bus service. Whichever is cheaper will be done.

Advocacy: Advocating for all students by asking them what they want and addressing their immediate concerns. I will do this by setting up a table in the hall where I will be for one hour every week. Free giveaways like hot chocolate will be used to show BUSU cares!

Getting Students Jobs: Making stronger connections with organizations and alumni that hire students right out of University for entry level jobs. Having these partners attend Career services job fair that is usually held in January.

Helping the Zone 2 walkers: In the coming years, parking will be expanding, whether its up or out, its expanding. This means more students. Zone 2 is already a dangerous walk in the winter time.I want to create a covered walkway above the street connecting Zone 2 and Weatherstation field, if cost effective, or have a shuttle bus.

One thing that BUSU is already doing that I feel strongly about continuing:

Fixing Schmon Tower Bus Terminal

— Submitted by Tessa Alexander

Presidential Candidate Ryan Jones Platform Summary


Main Platform Points

Study and meeting space: 24 hour library – Expanded Collabratorium hours – seating in Isaac’s – promotion of available space

Transportation and infrastructure: improve sidewalks and bus shelters – bar shuttles – later and more frequent buses

programs and services: Textbook exchange – off campus community – Protégé Program – Career and job search assistance

Full platform notes can be found at:

This post was submitted by Ryan Jones